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Southwest Texas Area 68

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District 30 Meetings are normally scheduled the week before the Southwest Texas Area 68 Conference (SWTA 68) and the week after the SWTA 68 Conference.

District 30 Meeting Schedule

Before SWTA 68 Area
Saturday at The Gratitude Group

Agenda for meeting:
1. Old Business
2. New Business

After SWTA 68 Area                                                                                                        Saturday at The Gratitude Group

Agenda for Meeting:
1. GSR’s Report of SWTA 68 weekend activities
2. Discuss old business
3. Discuss possible new business

Maintaining the Unity of the Fellowship, and                                                     Service Entities through the CONCEPTS

Be a Voice in your Group!

The Gratitude Group is part of District 30 and they are under Southwest Texas Area 68.

Southwest Texas Area 68 was formed in the early 1950s and has had a participating delegate since Panel 2 of the General Service Conference in 1952. Area 68 extends from Del Rio and Ozona on the West to Wharton and Giddings on the East and from Coleman and Brownwood on the North to Brownsville on the South. Area 68 is a service body that protects and respects the autonomy and privilege of dissent of any AA group in the Area.

Service to the Area Districts and Area Groups is its primary purpose and every attempt will be made to encourage all area groups to participate and support the Area Assembly, the General Service Office, AA World Services, the Grapevine and La Vina.